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Kupiškis Mental Treatment and Care Center is state social institution for adult people who vannot live on their own in the community and who require constant care because of their mental disabilities. This centre can care for 140 people. Kupiškis Mental Treatment and Care Center was established in the village of Šnipeliškis, in the district of Kupiškis in 1947 in the former farm that belonged to farmer Kazys Malinauskas. A unique granary that was build was on this farm in 1916 has been preserved.

The four blocks of living apartments located in the teritory of the Care Center create homelike atmosphere. A garden nearby and an apiary with hives of bees are the places where the residing people like working and relaxing.

The Care Center provides accomodation, food, social services, heathcare and personal hygiene, work therapy and religion services. The people who live here can elect to purchase some additional services for their own expenses, i.e. rent transport, improving of living conditions, sewing of clothes according to their individual needs or orders, providing special food.